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You can totally ride that - um wtf!!? Rooty/rocky technical trails with relentless climbing and technical descents that made your hands cramp. Awesome gravel roads with constant climbs. Hardest day I’ve had on a bike ever.
— John Spinney IRR 5.0

The Good Food Truck will be slinging hot meals for you after the ride. All registered riders will receive one meal ticket and will have the option of purchasing additional food items at their discretion. Additional meal tickets for family members not doing the ride are available on Bikereg.



Update! 3.8.2017: Start/finish location has been locked down. 910 Cochran Rd., Richmond, VT, the Cochran's Ski Area. We're super excited to be partnering with these guys again for this year, and will have a bit more news about this partnership later on.

We've got a date picked out! Saturday July 29th, 2017. Sure, it overlaps with that little MTB race down in Massachusetts, but we feel conifident that you'll make the right choice.

Only the greatest category for a full concierge, fully guided IRR experience. Inquire for more details. Extremely limited space.

Free beer and food at the "Holy-shit-I'm-finally-done" after party. Need I say more?

Two official routes, yes a shorter route will officially be back in the mix thanks to the GPS trackers. Short route will include the same style of ride as the full IRR, only less of it. 

We're working on getting another fun raffle together which may or may not include bicycle items, beer, food, custom one-off gifts and whatever else we can scrounge up or find in the dumpster behind Skirack. Fingers crossed.

Biggest changes for IRR 6.0 include, but are not limited to, an updated route (obviously), GPS trackers for all riders (safety first!), group camping at the start/finish (hopefully), leisurely 7:30am start time, off-road support follow vehicle, staffed water stops, unstaffed water stops, minimal arrowing, and printed (optional) cue cards. 

Yes there will be a .GPX route provided to all riders the Thursday before the ride. There will be optional printed cue cards. There will be minimal signage along the route. 

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