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IRR 8.0 scheduled for July 27th, 2019. Will update site soon.

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You can totally ride that - um wtf!!? Rooty/rocky technical trails with relentless climbing and technical descents that made your hands cramp. Awesome gravel roads with constant climbs. Hardest day I’ve had on a bike ever.
— John Spinney IRR 5.0

We really loved having the Good Food Truck with us for IRR 6.0, and the meals were delicious. That said, there will not be a catered meal following IRR 7.0, you're on your own. 



Update! 6.05.18: Start/finish location is the dirt parking lot across the road from Mad River Glen Ski Area. Rt 17. No, you will not be climbing through Appalachian Gap, that's a promise.

Update! 4.02.18: Start/finish location has not been locked down, but we have landed on a date which is a touch earlier than some of you are used to. 06.16.2018. Saturday. Ride will still be in Vermont.

We've got a date picked out! Vermont. June. 16th. 2018. Vermont.

Free T-shirt. Ultra limited edition t-shirt to all registered riders. 

One "official" route. You will be provided the route on Friday 06.15.2018. No exceptions. 

We're not working on getting a raffle together. You're already a winner in our eyes.

Biggest changes for IRR 7.0 include: absolutely zero fluff or fanfare before/during/after the ride. There will be optional printed cue cards, if you print them yourself Friday afternoon. There will be no signage along the route. There will be a mega-phone at the start. High-fives for all.

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