IRR 3.0: Choose Your Own Adventure

Year- 2014. Distance- 116 miles(111 ridden). Elevation- 13000+. Riding time- 8:27

Scenes along the way. irr 4.0 


The briefest report: For IRR 3.0 we thought added some shorter length routes would be a good idea. While hold to the fact that it was a GOOD idea, our execution was not superb. Major storms in late 2013 and early 2014 closed and washed out some essential roads and reroutes were made right up until the day before. It was stressful pulling a rideable route together. Braintree Gap return because, YOLO! Or something. The Blayleys rode a large portion of the route on their tandem. This was the first year the ride was open to the public as well as the first "easter egg" hidden at the top of Braintree Gap. (It's a bottle of Wild Turkey FYI). Waterbury, Vermont start and finish. And while there were again no finishers, we had to make and excessive detour after a broken wheel at the bottle of Braintree Gap left us stranded and borrowing a 26" mtb wheel from a guy mowing his lawn. Honest.

Bike: Specialized carbon Crux EVO LTD with compact 50/34T crankset and 11-32T cassette with 38mm file treads. Hydraulic disc brakes too!

Route: While there were multiple route options, this is the "real" IRR 3.0 which included the absolute wall of a road Tracy Hill Rd (never included since). IRR 3.0: Enter the Heart of Darkness.

Ed Doyle and Daniel Sapp head for the squirrel catcher

Adam's dirty legs after a long day IRR 3.0